First Time Buyer

That feeling of the first home is always unique, and it should not be interrupted with a financial mess. As a solution, people take a mortgage, and if they face complications there, the journey to the home key becomes difficult. Are you also in the same boat? Oh, the concern is common then.

Getting first home is beautiful, but in the mortgage industry, getting the first mortgage is considered as a complicated situation. However, there are always ways available that can smoothen the bumpy roads.

The informative suggestions

Below is an enlightening gathering of useful information to get you first home loan –

The situations you need to borrow funds

As a first-time mortgage borrower, you need to have certain conditions to approach a lender. These are –

  • A satisfactory credit score performance. However, it is now possible to avail funds despite a bad credit score now, but a good credit rating is the best way to play safe.
  • In case you have a low credit rating, try the ways to improve before you apply for the loan. For example – pay the debts and bills on time, close the used credit cards, bank account etc.
  • Arrange the minimum deposit amount of 5% of the property value. In case of less income or weak credit score performance, you may need to provide more than that to qualify for a mortgage.
  • Gather all types of financial documents and details that you may need to mention or present to the home loan lender – salary slip, bank statements, additional income (if any).
  • A guarantor is always a requirement no matter how good is your credit score.
  • In case your financial situations are unstable, you can do two things.
  • Arrange collateral to cover a part ( maybe smaller) of property price
  • Increase the deposit size

The pit holes

It will help if you are very careful about several mistakes. They may act as a threat if you want to take out funds as the applicant of first-time buyer mortgages in the UK from

Taking another loan or debt – This could be a blunder that put a permanent hurdle in your way. No matter how small is the new loan, but it can drastically affect the chances of loan approval. Even a personal loan of just £2000 can suck all the possibilities of getting a ‘yes’ on the mortgage.

Not following the guidelines of the lender – Once you apply for the loan, make sure you stick to the instructions of the lender and stay loyal to all the formalities. Do not hide any information, primarily financial.

Not finding a right deal – Oh, this is the most significant loss, as taking a wrong mortgage deal can bring you a disaster. Due to lack of knowledge, this may happen. It is better to seek help from the brokers; they know everything about the industry. Their unbiased information about every lender is impossible to get from any other source. The choices like ShineMortgages, John Charcol etc. can be your choice.


Stay away from mistakes and ensure the presence of all the conditions that are necessary to get the approval. Soon you can get the money to your first home sweet home.

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