Negotiating with Lenders

Taking a loan is a long process and even if it is not, you need to work hard to get a suitable deal. Only after a long duration of discussion and negotiation, you can expect something. But, even after that if you do not find a desired deal then it is just a waste of time and efforts.

Why not work on some tips while negotiating with the lender and get best terms on your loan? Here are some –

Work on developing relationship with the loan officer

Lender can only offer you loan products with its precise features. But the loan officer can give you the depth knowledge and can also tell the ways to get the best deals. Get into detailed conversation with him/her as then you can expect a better loan offer. If the loan officer knows well about your financial situation, he/she can give lucrative options. Talk as much as possible as the loan representatives are the people who meet many people in their daily routine. They get to know varied types of situations and financial circumstances.

Stay prepared on what you can negotiate and what you can leave

Getting mentally prepared for the negotiation is a useful thing. Decide in advance the aspects on which you are ready to negotiate. Normally it is advisable to not to negotiate on things that are important to you. But the other less important things can be accepted as they are. For instance, – the mode of payment – you can negotiate on a particular date of instalment.

However, the matter of how the repayment goes means through auto debit or you will send it online can go according to the convenience of the lender. Actually, the key to get a suitable loan offer is that on some points you agree and on some points, they agree. Remember, agreeing on things doesn’t mean compromise.

Do not go for high interest loans

Interest rate is the decisive factor in the total cost of a loan product. It is never advisable to agree on a high interest loan. But if you do that then from the repayments to the total cost, everything becomes heavy. Talk to the lender and express the concern that this point cannot go uncompromised. If the lender shows a rigid attitude, it is better to move on and go for another choice. Different lenders have different rates but your focus should be on the APR. The Annual Percentage Rate should be in single digit. Try to stay away from high rates like 25%, 27% etc. However, the credit score is an important factor in the final decision but even if you have a bad credit rating, do not go for higher rates.

 Know the concern of the lender

Different lenders have different situations. The interest rate is the prime tool for them to earn profit. The lender you approach may be struggling hard in its profit margin or maybe it is doing well. Whatever is the situation, you just need to be aware of everything about the lending company.

Forget not to go online and find a reputable lender. Once you succeed to find, do not miss all your concerns about the loan deal. Every lender provides the best possible deal. However, you need to pay heed to its concerns. They are correct on certain points and it is good to agree on that. In this way, you can expect a better deal as then the other side too will try to offer the best.

Do not get irrational in conversation

Sometimes you become your own enemy by expecting things that are actually not possible. Discuss on everything you want but do not ask for something that is illogical. For instance – rate of interest is something that is prone to market changes and after certain limit, no lender can negotiate. For example –  if the interest rate is 14% you may expect to get 13.5% or some similar sort of adjustment. However, if you expect the loan lender to offer you a rate of 8%, oops, you are going wrong.

When you talk about irrelevant adjustments in the deal, the lender loses interest in getting into further conversation. No one wants to waste time on a fund seeker who is not ready to understand even the basic things. Just make sure that whatever you talk, it should have sense.

Know the terminology

The finance industry works on professional terminology and you should be aware of them. Try to know the words that are in use as it helps you sound smart and informed. Finance company representatives do not prefer to spend time to clarify you the things that you do not know. Some may in fact trick you taking benefit of your ignorance.

Stay informed and updated about the latest words and features in the finance company. Payment Protection Insurance, Rollover, difference between variable rate, prime rate. etc.


With the above things in your practice, you can go for a good negotiation.  Do not worry about the initial failure, practice makes a man perfect. Just stay rational and do whatever is required.

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